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Identity verification is a guide for the financial services industry to verify the identity of its customers. Professional institutions are required to verify the identity of relevant accounts and carry out suitability and risk assessments to minimize the risks involved.

Why is identity verification necessary?

Unlock features
Unlock features
Deposit / Withdraw
Spot trading
Futures trading
P2P trading
Copy trading
Bot trading
Access exclusive promotions
Access exclusive promotions
Super Airdrop
Boost security
Boost security
If a user loses their access credentials to the platform, the information bound through identity verification can also be used to restore the account password or freeze the account's withdrawal feature. This can also reduce the risk of unauthorized access and secure account assets.
Protect user interests
Protect user interests
Identity verification not only effectively ensures that your assets are not affected by illegal activities and provides a legal layer of safety for your funds, but it also prevents the creation of fraudulent accounts, thus creating a transparent ecosystem.

Image walkthrough

Head to the Identity Verification page.

Open Bitget app and log in to your Bitget account, and then select Identity Verification.

Complete level 1 identity verification.
Use the Verify button on the level 1 identity verification page.

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What is identity verification?

Identity verification is a process used by financial institutions and other regulated organizations to verify your identity. Bitget will verify your identity and conduct a risk assessment to mitigate risks.

What documents can I submit for identity verification?
  • Level 1: ID card, passport, driver's license, and proof of residence.
What are the requirements for identity verification?
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You can only complete the identity verification on one account.
How long does the identity verification process take?
  • Identity verification consists of data submission and review. It will only take you minutes to upload your ID and pass the face verification. Bitget will review your information upon receipt.
  • The review process usually takes several minutes to an hour, depending on the country and type of document you have chosen. If it takes longer, you can contact customer service to check the progress.
Why can't I select my country/region?

Bitget does not provide services to users from the following countries/regions: Canada (Ontario), Crimea, Cuba, Hong Kong, Iran, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, and the United States.