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Exploring the New Horizons of Bitcoin with Merlin Chain and Bitget Wallet


Exploring the New Horizons of Bitcoin with Merlin Chain and Bitget Wallet image 0

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, the introduction of Merlin Chain marks a pivotal moment for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The anticipation grows stronger as the Merlin Chain mainnet launch draws nearer. At its core, Merlin Chain addresses Bitcoin's pressing issues of network congestion and scalability, rejuvenating interest in the Bitcoin ecosystem, particularly following the surge in Ordinals.


What is the Merlin Chain?

Developed by Bitmap Tech, known for their trailblazing BRC-420 protocols and, Merlin Chain is set to innovate with a "Bitcoin Native" approach, distinguishing itself from other Layer 2 (L2) solutions that often mirror Ethereum's model.

Merlin Chain focuses on leveraging the unique properties of Bitcoin, aiming to unlock its untapped potential. Unlike typical L2 solutions, this Bitcoin Native network is committed to integrating major Bitcoin Layer 1 (L1) protocols, including BRC-20, Bitmap, and BRC-420, among others. It's not just about transferring money at low costs or enabling DApps; it's about a deeper, more intrinsic enhancement of the Bitcoin network. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies like ZK-Rollup, Merlin Chain ensures efficient and secure scaling, which is vital for meeting the growing demands of the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Merlin Chain and Bitget Wallet: A Synergistic Alliance

While Merlin Chain is dedicated to enhancing the Bitcoin landscape, there's a need to recognize the significance of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility and cross-chain functionalities in today's diverse crypto space. This is where Bitget Wallet steps in, serving as a bridge between the Bitcoin-centric innovations of Merlin Chain and the vast, EVM-centric crypto world.

Bitget Wallet, a versatile Web3 crypto wallet, embodies the adaptability and ease-of-use that are central to the typical crypto experience. Crafted to streamline user interaction, it facilitates smooth cross-chain transactions across a variety of EVM-compatible blockchains. Although Merlin Chain's primary focus is on Bitcoin Native solutions, this approach can present a steep learning curve for users new to Bitcoin or those more familiar with EVM systems. Bitget Wallet addresses this challenge head-on, offering an almost effortless transition for both EVM users and crypto beginners. This is achieved through our detailed step-by-step guides. Let's start with adding the Merlin Chain mainnet to your Bitget Wallet.


Adding Merlin Chain Mainnet

1. Download Bitget Wallet by visiting the official Bitget Wallet website or by finding it in the app store on your device.

2. Open the app and choose "Create a Wallet". For existing users, simply tap "All Mainnet" located in the top right corner.

3. Enter "Merlin" and select "Merlin Chain" from the list of mainnets.

4. Congratulations, you are now ready for Merlin Chain! The Merlin Chain mainnet and BTC token will now appear on your wallet's main page.

Bitget Wallet: Your Gateway to Discover Merlin Chain

As Merlin Chain prepares for its mainnet launch, Bitget Wallet stands out as an essential tool for users eager to explore this new realm while staying within the comfortable and familiar territory of EVM chains. By using Bitget Wallet, users can not only experience the innovative features of Merlin Chain but also enjoy various advantages, such as:

  • Reduced Transaction Fees: Enjoy substantially lower transfer and trading gas fees compared to other wallets.

  • In-App Flash Swap: Effortlessly trade all tokens on Merlin Chain with minimal price impact.

  • Dedicated DApp Section: Explore a specially curated DApp section in the Merlin Chain Zone.

  • In-App Staking: Soon, you'll be able to stake BTC or EVM assets on Merlin Chain directly within the app.

  • Zero Learning Curve: Simplify your experience by eliminating the need to master the complexities of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Before diving into all these functionalities on Merlin Chain, you'll need to prepare your funds. Here are the straightforward steps to follow:


Bridging Assets To Merlin Chain

1. Navigate to the "Discover" page.

2. Enter "Meson" or any other preferred bridging DApp. Tap "Meson" to get into the DApp.

3. Select your preferred mainnet from which to bridge the funds, and then choose "Merlin Chain" as your destination network.

4. Enter the amount you wish to bridge and press "Swap" to start bridging.

P/S: To optimize your bridging experience, we recommend bridging from L2 mainnets, such as Optimism, opBNB, Arbitrum, etc.

Trading on Merlin Chain

With your funds now ready on Merlin Chain, you can start trading coins! Let’s explore the future possibilities of this Bitcoin-centric innovation.

1. Navigate to the "Trade" page, where you'll be directed to Bitget Swap by default.

2. Tap the upper mainnet selection and switch it to "Merlin Chain".

3. Select your preferred token to swap from and to, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction.


As Merlin Chain paves the way for the future of Bitcoin, Bitget Wallet ensures that this journey is accessible, efficient, and advantageous for a wider audience. Whether you're a Bitcoin maximalist excited about Merlin Chain or an EVM enthusiast seeking seamless cross-chain experiences, Bitget Wallet is your ideal companion. Embark on this new era of Bitcoin with Bitget Wallet and be part of the revolution. Start your journey, explore Merlin Chain, and unleash the full potential of your crypto experience with Bitget Wallet today.