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Wealth Management

Grow your wealth with our asset management team

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5.60% ~ 12.00%

Historical APR range

Investment strategy
Quantitative arbitrage

6.30% ~ 9.00%

Historical APR range

Investment strategy
Quantitative arbitrage

Why choose Bitget Wealth Management?

Independent asset management account
Bitget has a robust risk control system which uses independent asset management accounts to ensure a high degree of security and transparency. We select investment targets with discretion and adopt prudent strategies to help you navigate through market volatility, whether in bullish or bearish conditions.
High ROI
We select top-tier global suppliers of fund management strategies to optimize returns for our clients, all without incurring any additional management fees. Bitget consistent and substantial gains, with monthly profit distributions.
Swift and efficient fund processing
You can subscribe to our products at any time, and interest will start accruing on D+5. Redemption of assets is equally convenient. You can make a redemption request at any time and the funds will be available by 8:00 (UTC+8) on the 5th of the following month. You can easily track your principal and earnings, so financial management is even more convenient.

Target users

High-net-worth individuals

Asset management experts

Bitget VIP members