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Stay up-to-date on the most trending topics in crypto with our professional and in-depth news. Profit Strategy | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.27

Despite a very cold market overall, has shown no signs of fading. Several strategy has been proposed to profit from this social application.

TokenInsight·2023/09/27 23:36#Opinion#Social#Binance

When Base Token? | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.26

Since the launching of Layer 2 Base, Coinbase has been consistently stating there will not be a Base token. Interestingly, Coinbase chief legal officer gave a slightly different answer last week.

TokenInsight·2023/09/26 23:54#Opinion#Base#Bitcoin

stUSDT Risk Assessment | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.25

Tron's RWA project, stUSDT, has garnered more than $1.7 billion in total value locked (TVL). However, this project has sparked significant controversy within the crypto community. Is it truly secure?

TokenInsight·2023/09/25 20:21#Opinion#Tron#Bitcoin

From Verifiable AI to Composable AI - A Reflection On the Use Cases of ZKML

Modulus Labs implements verifiable AI by executing ML computations off-chain and generating ZKPs for AI inference call. This article re-examines their approach from an application perspective, analyzing in which scenarios there is an urgent need and in which scenarios the demand is weaker. Finally, two architecture types of AI application built on public blockchains are explored - horizontal and vertical.

TokenInsight·2023/09/25 16:09#Opinion#AI#Rollups

Future $OP Airdrops | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.22

Missed out the 3rd Round $OP Airdrop? No worry, there is still airdrop opportunity in the future

TokenInsight·2023/09/22 20:40#Opinion#Optimism#FTX

Bitcoin Support & Resistance Range | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.21

Bitcoin Magzine gives a good chart showing the strong support and resistance range in which the Bitcoin price is currently stuck.

TokenInsight·2023/09/21 23:33#Opinion#Bitcoin#Exchanges

Arbitrum Odyssey Returns | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.20

Arbitrum relaunched its Odyssey after over a year, but there is no airdrop this time.

TokenInsight·2023/09/20 23:45#Opinion#Arbitrum#Ethereum

One Year After Merge, the Achievement & Challenge | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.19

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the Ethereum mainnet merge. With almost 1 million ETH burned being a major achievement and creating a deflationary effect, there is growing concern over staking centralization.

TokenInsight·2023/09/19 23:36#Opinion#Optimism#FTX

TON Chain and Telegram | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.18

The latest partnership between TON chain and Telegram sparked renewed interest in TON.

TokenInsight·2023/09/18 20:48#Opinion#Social#Exchanges

Liquid Restaked Token Basics | Crypto Daily Digest Sep.15

EigenLayer introduces the Ethereum restaking, liquid restaked tokens build another layer on top of the EigenLayer

TokenInsight·2023/09/15 20:38#Opinion#Staking#Ethereum