Lionel Messi

Bitget brand ambassador

Bitget VIP services

Bitget provides a full range of exclusive perks to VIP users.

US$30K min. deposit

Lionel Messi

Bitget brand ambassador

Fees and withdrawal limits

Bitget VIPs make trades with some of the lowest fees in the market and keep more of their profits.


Account manager

Dedicated account manager

Enjoy an enhanced user experience with a dedicated account manager ready to offer premium support for all your inquiries.

Enhanced yields with Bitget Earn

Bitget offers a 4.5% APR for USDT Savings products, a 15% APR for USDT Wealth Management products, and more carefully selected Earn products exclusively for VIP users.

Wealth management
12% APR
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VIP savings
4.5% APR
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Access the exclusive Bitget Visa card

Receive a VIP-exclusive Bitget crypto bank card connected to your wallet and integrated with asset management.

Ensure the security of your assets with our fund custody service

Trade safer and keep your account secure with our custodial wallet partners.

Exclusive VIP perks

Being a Bitget VIP has never been more rewarding.

Hot project watchlist

Welcome gifts and exclusive merch

Offline event invitations

Premium VIP customer service

Industry insights

Express deposits and withdrawals

Cutting-edge security

When it comes to security, we go the extra mile.

Proof of reserves

We guarantee a minimum 1:1 reserve ratio to cover customer funds.

Cold storage

Most digital assets are stored in offline, multi-signature wallets.

Protection fund

Our 300M USDT protection fund provides an extra layer of protection against threats.

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