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Bitget invests US$30M in multi-chain wallet BitKeep, valued at US$300M

Global Bitgetters,

Bitget is pleased to announce its US$30 million investment in the decentralized BitKeep multi-chain wallet, becoming its controlling stakeholder.

The investment involves the merger of BitKeep Wallet with Bitget’s business domain, allowing the exchange to extend its range of services whilst also supporting BitKeep in enhancing the stability and security of its offerings. The merger also aims to help both companies leverage their strengths and collaborate on linking DeFi and CeFi for the greater crypto community.

BitKeep wallet was founded in 2018 and has been providing uninterrupted and reliable non-custodial wallet, swap and NFT marketplace services to its user base of more than 8 million across 168 countries. The wallet supports 90 mainnet networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Solana, as well as over 250,000 types of assets across more than 20,000 dApps.

“This move is a win-win choice for Bitget and BitKeep and facilitates collaborative efforts in the decentralized space and beyond,” says Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget.

The investment is one of Bitget’s crucial moves towards Web3 entry as part of its new Go Beyond Derivatives strategy, which aims to connect CeFi and DeFi andtransform the platform from a leading derivatives exchange to a comprehensive and holistic one with its own thriving ecosystem.

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